Our mission at Lifestyle is to deliver incredible care that is tailored to each individual depending on their wants and needs. Our dedicated staff go above and beyond to ensure this happens on a daily basis. We believe that it is massively important to maintain a Work-Life balance no matter what job it is you are doing. However, this is especially important when your job is quite emotionally involved and sometimes a break is just what is needed to allow the time to recharge and come back fresh as a daisy.

You may be asking then, what is Bounce Back Week?

What is Bounce Back Week?

In order to show that we value everything our staff do, and the commitment they have towards the job at hand, we are showing our gratitude by putting money back into each of our devoted staff members to say thank you for all that they do! Introducing Bounce Back Week’. We have allocated funding so that each member of staff can receive an extra week of paid leave from work to be used as and when they may choose. We understand the value of getting that extra time with friends and family and what a positive impact that can have. Plus there are so many benefits to that additional bit of time to rest away from work, helping to avoid professional burnout, removing stress and keep you enjoying the job that you are doing.

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Need more information? We’ve updated all our management so they can provide the information you need. If you are looking for a career in care then we are always on the lookout for new members of the team, you can contact us here or call 0300 124 5004 to speak to one of our friendly team.