“We have partnered up with UK Care Guide to appear on their website. The website directs its users to leading home care services in the UK and we are proud that they have chosen to add us. The UK Care Guide website itself offers support to its users across a breadth of care-related issues.

 When someone moves into a care environment, there are a range of things that they need to do. This can range from ensuring their finances are in order through to ensuring a number of legal aspects are looked after.  One of the most complex areas that many people have to think about is Estate Planning.

This is really important as this is the process of thinking through what you do with your money and assets when you have gone.  A key part of this is looking at ways to avoid paying inheritance tax.  There are a number of steps that you can take now and the site explains what these are in a very straight forward way.  Doing your estate planning now is really important as the longer you leave it the harder it can become.”