The rising numbers of homelessness within the Greater Manchester area is an ever present social issue we need to address. Every October 10th is a time where we take the time to raise awareness for those less fortunate than ourselves, and advocate for those that may not have the means to advocate for themselves – something that for many, is a year round venture. As the Winter months draw nearer and the temperatures drop, what better time to stare down the face of a problem consuming a vast number of people within our society. With the number of homeless people in the UK alone jumping 9% in just a three year span, it is important that we take the time to touch base every so often and inform ourselves of the problem at hand. Only then can we push ourselves to really implement the change needed.

1 in every 200 people within the UK is homeless. This number of course varies depending on the affluence of the area within the UK, increasing exponentially. Furthermore, as we ride the back of the Covid waves, there has to be a consideration for those who were threatened with homelessness due to the pandemics interruption of their money making means. Overall 119,400 households were threatened with homelessness and owed a prevention duty in 2020-2. It is vital that we take note of these statistics from time to time. After all, how are we supposed to help people if we don’t even know how many people are in need of help?

What is World Homelessness Day?

It is an annual day that began back in 2010 and was created on the back of a shared aspiration to solve the homelessness crisis by raising awareness of the issue on a global scale. The day has managed to unite communities all across the globe to put their heads together and work towards tackling the problem as a team. Time to do the same for the communities and those struggling with homelessness around the Greater Manchester area.

What is the purpose?

Like any day that is celebrated internationally, World Homelessnes day is all about getting the word out there and generating conversation around what can be deemed a tough subject. It is also utilised to:

  • Raise awareness around the issue
  • Advocate for donating to the cause to help those in need
  • Celebrating the existing services that are fighting the good fight everyday
  • To humanise an issue that can often be disregarded in the form of statistics

‘Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much’ – Helen Keller

What can I do to get involved In helping homelessness in Greater Manchester?

There is a never ending stream of ways to be actively involved in helping those less fortunate:

  • Talk about it – This may seem simple but often it is in our nature to avoid the difficult conversations. But, raising awareness can often start in the simple form of conversation.
  • Donate – There are numerous charities that advocate for homelessness on a grand scale. Research your local shelters, food banks, donation points etc and drop off what you can. Remember, anything is something!
  • Familiarise yourself with resources – There are a multitude of resources available for if you see someone rough sleeping. StreetLink is a great one, amongst many. You can either download the app or head to where you can contact their local outreach services.
  • Say hi – One of the saddest parts about being removed from the problem, is that often the simple luxury of being acknowledged and greeted is removed, particularly from those who are rough sleeping. Remember, people need people. A simple hello, or a smile can change the trajectory of someone’s day.

Find your nearest Donation Point here.

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